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Real-life cinematography can cost you a lot. However, with Best 2D animation services, you can leverage endless possibilities of creating whatever you want. BigWals have the right 2D character designers who can get your message and voice to the audience with amazing visuals. As the best 2D animation studio in Florida, we have the expertise to use high-end technology for crafting seamless movies and ads.


Top-Rated 2D Animation Company With Vast Expertise

A Pool of 2D Animation Services

Have your way out with our custom 2D animation solutions – create fully tailored animated experiences for your consumers and positively impact your brand on them. BigWals have dedicated experts to deal with your business and audience type; we fine-tune your idea with the help of our ingenious minds at work to create masterpiece 2D content. Have a look at what we can offer to you!

• 2D Character Design Animation Services
Designing a character and putting life in it must be done delicately for a pleasing animation experience. If anything goes wrong, the entire thing fails. Therefore, BigWals is equipped with professional 2D character designers with years of industry experience animating characters with the right emotions and feels!
• 2D Environment Animation Services
To keep things balanced, the 2D environment must match the tone and style of the character designed. We intricately keep a balance between them. Our experts create stunning high-quality 2D environment designs with attention to every detail and element. We ensure everything meets your requirement!
• 2D Props Animation Services
From a simple two-dimensional box to a sports car, our top-rated 2D motion graphic services always strive to craft original and unique prop animations. We bring the right tools and technology to form your overall environment design, including all the elements, leaving no stones unturned!
• 2D Explainer Videos
Draw your audience into creative storytelling content with vibrant and engaging 2D explainer videos. We help you deliver your story and message to the audience in the most compelling way with a captivating script and mesmerizing 2D animations. Let us not make any other pretty animation but a powerful marketing tool!

Big Ideas Big Brands



2D Animation Pricing

2D Design/Character

Starting From


  • 15 Second
  • Letterheads
  • Envelope
  • 24-48 H Delivery
  • Business Card

2D Whiteboard Animation

Starting From


  • 30 Second
  • Professional Script Writing
  • Voiceover
  • Multiple Accents
  • Finalized & Published
  • Animation With Sound
  • Story Board
  • 100% Ownership
  • Satisfaction Guarantee 100%
  • Limited Revisions 100%
  • Effects 30 Days Delivery

Custom 2D Animation

Starting From


  • 60 Second
  • Letterhead
  • Voiceover
  • Finalized & Published
  • 15 Days Delivery
  • Storyboard & Characters
  • Animation With Sound
  • Unlimited Revisions 100%
  • Satisfaction Guarantee 100%
  • 100% Ownership
  • Money Back Guarantee*

Motion Graphics

Starting From


  • 15 Second
  • Letterhead
  • Voiceover
  • Finalized & Published
  • Script
  • Storyboard & Characters

How BigWals 3D Animation Works?

BigWals' stellar 2D animation services are inclined to offer you transparency in their work process. We design architectural animations; meanwhile, we are also one of the top-rated medical animation companies – it is a gratitude to our smooth work process!

Your Call

You will start the tale, and we will listen carefully to comprehend it and improve your vision for a better outcome. Our professionals make you feel at ease, allowing you to discuss anything.

Creating a Phenomenal Script

All our efforts go into successfully delivering your message to its audience. We have a team of masterminds who ingeniously craft a compelling narrative that engages and entertains your audience while reserving brand values and culture.

Drawing and Sketching

From 2D medical animations to 2D character design, we do it proficiently with the help of skillful 2D character designers and the right equipment. These experts meticulously craft each scene and element of your animation to ensure the 'wow' factor!


Now let us feed colors into the drawing we did. We do not just add colors; our team ensures to define the depth of the 2D animation and make your budget count. All the color palettes chosen match the tone of the animation and your requirements.

Animation Process

It is time to get your hopes high since our expert 2D animators are on a roll – in this phase, we bring life to the sketches and colored paintings with the proper movements and fluidity. We make things move on your demand, despite its complications and creativity.


Music attracts the audience the most. And an animation without it is just trash. Our creative managers talk with you thoroughly while providing ideas from their sonic wizardry. We add specialized voice-over based on your demands that touch your audience's heart!


Now that everything is in place, including the animation and sound effects, BigWals asks for your confirmation before submitting and finishing the project. Make countless revisions until your eyes and heart have contended with our exceptional 2D animation services.


Animation gives you a competitive advantage above many other brands. The audience considers you more professional and authentic in the industry since you spend resources on creating content that intrigues the audience – showcasing that you care about them.

Besides, 2D animation brings your products or services to life in the most mesmerizing way – how people watch and interact with movies. People have a memorable brand recall when they witness your animated content staying forefront of their minds, leading to more outstanding leads and sales.

There are no set rates for 2D animation because every job is different. As a result, cost is determined by numerous aspects such as project complexity and length, amount of details and elements, animation style, and job quality. However, it may also be determined by the project’s timetable flexibility.

To receive a fair price, ensure your criteria are clear so you can interact with any 2D animation company.

There is no one answer – the duration to create a 2D animation primarily depends on the length of the project along with its complexities. As mentioned in our work process, several phases demand attention and time. Therefore, an animation can take a few hours, or some can take longer than that, even weeks.

Images were initially utilized to capture our interest, then movies, 3D, VR, and who knows what may come next.

3D animation is the process of producing three-dimensional moveable content. The animators employ high-end software to develop 3D models, characters, and everything else. These animations provide a realistic and engaging approach to presenting any viewpoint.
2D animation, on the other hand, is similar to creating a brochure or flyer. The artwork moves in two-dimensional space like a picture on your living room wall. Using 2D animation services, you do not have the potential to capture your audience’s interest on a deeper level. They are far from realistic, yet they can be made with human hands.
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